How to hang a Hammock


In many parts of the world, like Brazil for example, hammocks are not just for relaxation, but also used for sleeping every night. A hammock must be comfortable because it may be the only bed a person ever uses.

Amazon Hammocks from Brazil are a part of this tradition. Because these hammocks are completely handmade, with every knot individually tied, you can be assured of their superior quality.

Each one is made of top quality raw cotton and made to exact standards. These hammocks are oversized because they are used as beds in homes across Brazil and many other South American countries. Comfortable and roomy, they will provide you with excellent support and a truly relaxing sensation.

Amazon Hammocks differ from more traditional hammocks in the way they hang. They are meant to hang loosely and deep in the center, much like a pocket for your body.

You do not lie along the length or width of an Amazon Hammock, but diagonally across the hammock for the most comfort. This position keeps the spine aligned properly and assures a good night's sleep or a soothing embrace if you are simply relaxing away the afternoon with a good book or snoozing on the warm summer's afternoon.

These over-sized hammocks are made of a sturdy basket-weave design that is extremely durable and attractive. The Amazon Hammock is especially nice when you do not have two "perfectly spaced" trees for a more traditional hammock, as the Amazon can have a more prominent sag in the middle, thereby working perfectly.

The natural cotton material is available in nature's own ivory shade, or in cheerful, dyed shades with festive South American stripes. The bed of an Amazon Hammock is at least 7'4" in length, and the width can range from 4'8" to just over 5 feet, making these some of the largest hammocks available.

To get a truly peaceful, relaxing nap, the Amazon Hammock is perfect, providing support, comfort and roominess in the most comfortable of materials. This is a hammock-lover's dream.
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