How to hang a Hammock

A Little Simple Easy Fact on How to Hang Your Hammock with Rope!

The little low down dirty secret that most people don't know: How to put up your hammock with rope!

First find a space close enough yet far enough part for a hammock to fit comfortably!Then make a standard loop on the one end of the rope...
Loop the standing part in it and pull it all the way to the branch...
Important! Make sure all the strings of the hammock are lined up as shown in picture!
Put the rope through the hammock...
Pull it up all the way where you want it to be...a little higher cause after you knot it, it comes down a bit, it is normal.
Make a loop and wrap the rope around the hammock...

Bring it around and pull it through the loop as shown....Then pull down on it to tighten! Then do the same for the other side!
That is how it will look!
If you want to take it back off pull the tip point of the hammock back a little to give it slack then pull the end of the rope!
What ever you do, DO NOT, do the loop over the standing part of the hammock! It will not hold!

A Quick Overview...

Here is another way if your cord is long enough this is the best way to do it!

The Hammock Knot - It is important to remember not to just loop rope through the hammock handles. The hammock knot shown here is the ideal hanging method as it prevents nearly all frictional wear to the hammock handle. It is safe, strong and easy to tie and release. To release the knot you simply pull the loose rope ends and your hammock can be taken down for storage or relocation in a matter of seconds.

This is how you will often find hammocks being sold on the streets! There are sooo many to choose from and you can get some nice ones for a really cheap price! Or you can buy really better quality ones which cost more.
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