How to hang a Hammock

Choosing the Right Hammock for you!

How do you know what is the right hammock for you? Well, I wondered too! I came across this piece of Information I had to share with you!

There are many varieties of hammocks in the universe today. Each has its own unique traits and its own strength:

Rope Hammocks are the traditional North American style hammocks that have the wooden spreader bars on each end. These offer classic styling and have superior resistance to the elements.

Mayan Hammocks: Known for their comfort, these are hand woven using traditional techniques that have been handed down through generations. These hammocks feature a diamond weave pattern that creates a soothing cocoon effect as its wraps around the user.

Brazilian Hammocks: Made from 100 percent cotton, these offer an unmatched blend of comfort and durability. Soft to the touch, these hammocks are used by many Brazilian families as bedding in their home.

Nicaraguan Hammocks: Hand woven by artisans, these hammocks have beautiful patterns. They are made of cotton and have a tighter weave than the Mayan. They're often used as comfortable beds.

Quilted Hammocks: Made of weather resistant fabric, these colorful hammocks are made with comfort-inducing material that makes them ideal for any outdoor setting. These weather-resistant hammocks are especially easy to clean.

Poolside Hammocks: Created to be enjoyed on the deck of a pool or by the lake. These hammocks are fast drying and comfortable.

Camping Hammocks: Made of lightweight, durable nylon, these hammocks take up little space in the trunk or a backpack. They're sturdy and reliable.
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